Day 1 of the Hyten Global Keto Challenge

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to do something new. Well, here it is! I am starting a Keto Challenge.

The Keto Challenge consists of a few things.

  • Following a Keto Diet for 28-days.
  • Doing 100 push-up, sit-ups and squats for 4 times a week.
  • Walking 10K steps a day.
  • Take KetoBoost before every workout!

It’s really that simple!

Today is day one. I have followed the keto diet for both of my meals and taken my before picture.



Here is what I have eaten today:

Breakfast –  3 whole eggs and 3 pieces of Turkey bacon.

Lunch – Mexi style salad which included, prime rib, spinach, corn, half of an avocado and ranch dressing with some jalapeño sauce.

Dinner: TBD

So far so good. In a couple of days, I will endure the Keto Flu. But this time I have a secret weapon, and that is KetoBoost. Keto Boost by Hyten Global is supposed to totally eliminate the Keto Flu.

So we will see how that goes.

See you tomorrow!





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