Day 3 of the Hyten Global Keto Challenge

Day 3 – I went snowshoeing with my puppies (both girls), Kara and Mel. Also, I completed my push-ups, sit-ups, squats, 10K steps and ate 3 delicious keto meals!

It was a bit of a struggle with the Keto Flu. Some of the keto or ketosis symptoms are headaches and body aches. But when I take a drink of KetoBoost it helps relieve me of those symptoms for a couple hours! I am only taking one a day. But I could take more and not feel the symptoms, but I am experimenting here! You can learn from my triumphs and mistakes.

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If you want to try Keto Boost you can do so here.

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I will give you an update tomorrow on how my progress is going. Specifically what I do to manage the Keto Flu.

Also, here is a cool blog that tells you how long it takes to get into ketosis and how your body gets into ketosis.

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See you tomorrow for Day 4!

– Jake

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