Day 5 of the Hyten Global Keto Challenge

Today is Day 5!

I have to be honest this was a little tougher today. I was pretty sore after four straight days of doing 100 push-ups, sit-ups and squats after not doing them for so long!

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So I took a rest day from those exercises and did some active resting by still doing my 10K steps!

Today’s keto diet meal plan consisted of 3 whole eggs and 3 meaty pieces of bacon. Lunch was grilled chicken and a chicken wrap. Then for dinner I had Salmon asparagus and a side salad.

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Also, today was really busy for me. So I didn’t get to do my workout until 9pm. So I poured my Ketoboost into water and started walking on the treadmill! Normally I would not take a pre workout before bed or workout. But Ketoboost supplies your body with ketone bodies (exogenous ketones). Unlike most pre-workouts the ketone bodies allow you to sleep and sleep well!

I think that’s why I love this. I can burn fat during m workout and during my sleep!

Try Keto Boost here.

– Jake

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