Hyten Global Keto Challenge – Day 6

Today is Day 6!

Tomorrow, I will do a little before and progress pictures with Day 1 and Day 7 pictures.

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So far so good on the Keto Diet.

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My breakfast consisted of 3 pieces of bacon and Keto coffee. (Coffee with 1Tbsp of coconut oil, 1Tbsp of butter and a Tbsp of heavy cream)
Note: This was at 8 am and I wasn’t hungry until 1 pm!

Lunch – This was the first time I ate out and it fulfilled the requirements of the Keto Diet meal and had keto fast food. It was a lettuce wrapped double cheeseburger with onions and avocado from Habit Burgers. VERY GOOD!

Dinner – As seen in the video. Ground beef with parmesan and cauliflower crust.

For my workouts I drank an entire KetoBoost 30 minutes before my workout, and i felt great!

Try Keto Boost today!

Check back tomorrow for a progress pic!

– Jake


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