Day 9 of the Hyten Global Keto Challenge

Today, I started out with a KetoBoost! Which really got me going this morning.

I have no ill effects of dehydration or low electrolytes. KetoBoost is seriously a life saving while you are in Ketosis because it does so many different things.

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I saw some cool posts today about more people using KetoBoost in the gym.

Today’s eating consisted of 3 meals and a few snacks.

  • 3 eggs for breakfast
  • Chicken and steak fajitas with cheese melted over it and a side of avocado and sour cream. I also added some buttery shrimp. YUM!!
  • For a snack, I had 2 handfuls of almonds covered in almond butter! Lots of fat 🙂
  • For dinner, I ate a nice beefy steak with a spinach salad and blue cheese dressing.

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– Jake

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