Day 10 of the Hyten Global Keto Challenge

Day 10 – The dieting has become a lot easier. Rather than trying a new keto diet meal. I use the same recipes. There really was no reason for me to make it more complicated than it needed to be.

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Also, I seriously can not tell you how good KetoBoost is! I love the peach-mango flavor and the feeling I get after. It really maximized any workout you do. So I would recommend this drink mix to someone who is working out but isn’t in ketosis.

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I can’t wait for my Fitbit to come in! Because I am sick of carrying my phone around just to track my steps.

Normally I don’t have my phone on me that much. So I feel like I am addicted to keeping it with me now.

At least it’s for a good reason.

Check back tomorrow for Day 11!

– Jake

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