Day 14 of the Hyten Global Challenge


Half way there! Only 14 days to go. I feel great, I noticed some muscle definition within the first 14 days. I have not done anything crazy! I have done 100 push-ups, sit-ups and squats 4 times a week.

This goes to show that you don’t need any fancy equipment, body weight will do you just fine when you are starting out. You just need to be consistent to build muscle. I think that is most people hardest hurdle, consistency.

Since I have built the diet into a habit, everything has been pretty easy to stick to it.

And I have been expanding my keto diet meal plan to new things. But to start it was definitely much easier keeping it simple and following the same meal guide for the first week.


This is my second time around. So if this is your first time, I would probably recommend recycling your meal plan each week until your 28-days are up or until you feel comfortable knowing the fat, carb and protein counts of the foods you are eating.

Again the Stupid Simple app will help with tracking and so will My Fitness Pal.

– Jake

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  1. A great example of how simple work outs can really improve your body and life. Keep up the good work mate 👍

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    1. Jake Baum says:

      Thank you for your kind words! It’s true, simple workouts and consistency will go a long way.

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  2. Usually the best way too! I’ve got a great eBook about it if you fancy giving it a read? Only 2 bucks filled with things I reckon you’ll enjoy… got a free chapter in the description so even if you don’t buy please read that and give me feedback 😀

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