Adapt to Keto Facebook Group & Day 23 of the Hyten Global Keto Challenge

Michael Jordan would be proud that I made it to day 23!

Yesterday, I mentioned the “Adapt to Keto” Support Facebook group. It’s amazing that so many people are struggling with the same Keto Flu and symptoms. And not just starting out, while they are in ketosis, a lot of people go in and out. Some people get tired and are wondering how to restore electrolytes.

And it kind of annoys me that the Private group says no promotion of products, because I had a solution for them. And KetoBoost would help so many people in that group. It’s two fold, one I am excited because I have found something that will help people, and two, I am mad/irritated because I can’t share it will them!


Anyway, Day 23. I feel great but, I missed my 10K steps…


– Jake

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  1. Gwyn says:

    What about Pure Therapeutic exsogonise Ketones that put your body in Ketosis is under 59 mins of drinking then?!?!? Call me if your interested 901-568-5587!

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    1. Jake Baum says:

      If it’s Keto OS. I am not interested. Like most exogneous ketone products, it adds a caloric load. That means you raise your glucose levels. The opposite of what you want going into ketosis or promoting the process of ketogenesis. So even though you are raising Ketone serum levels you have to first burn the calories the product adds, before you can burn any calories… Sadly this isn’t the first time I have been pitched Pure Therapeutic Ketones. Ketosis isn’t as important as Ketogenesis, where your body is actually burning fat for energy. And there is only one product on the market that allows that process to happen without being on a strict ketogenic diet. I hope that helps!

      – Jake


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