FINAL DAY!!! Check Out My Before/After Pic!

Today is the final day of my KetoBoost Challenge and it was so much easier than I thought. I really didn’t feel like I took anything away with following a keto diet meal plan.

My hardest this to give up was fruit and fruit has a lot of sugars. But I don’t crave or even think about fruit.

As promised here is by Day 1 picture and my Day 28. As you can see I gained muscle and definition. Which is pretty incredible considering I was doing the same body weight exercises over and over.

Hyten Global Jake Baum Keto Challenge with KetoBoost.jpg

I have to thank KetoBoost for that! One thing with adding ketones to you body is you don’t use muscle for energy so you keep your muscle while you workout rather than burning it.

If you are interested in trying KetoBoost I highly recommend it!

Even if you are not in ketosis you will still feel the benefits!

Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine Today! 

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