What Is All The Keto BUZZ About?

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Ketogenic diets are the buzz topic among many high profile dietitians, nutritionists and people looking for fat loss.

Since this is such a hot topic, you may have read a few articles that give you some information on ketogenic diets and ketones in general.

Did you know that there is more than one “ketone”? In fact, there are three different types of ketones that your body can use for energy: Acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone.

The most common are beta-hydroxybutyrate can be used by your tissue because it can flow freely in your blood stream which is why most exogenous ketone supplements are based on this compound.

Among these people looking for body fat loss, this high-fat diet has been all the rage with physique specialists who cut carbohydrates for a more sculpted look.

It’s hard to deny that ketone supplements are one of the hottest products on the marked right now, especially for those interested in ketosis and the ketogenic diet. But how do these supplements work? What’s all the rage really about?

Ketones come in different forms; Exogenous ketones and endogenous ketones.


What is the difference?

Exogenous ketones are ketone bodies that are added via supplementation that put you in a state of ketosis. Most commonly in a drink form, but there are pills as well.

Endogenous ketones are ketone bodies that are naturally created within your body. Ketones that are created in your body is a process of ketogenesis. 

We have just dropped two pieces of knowledge on you! Here is another one.

There is a common misconception of ketogenesis and ketosis. Many believe it is the same thing. As you just read, they are different.

Ketosis is the raising of ketone serum levels above the regular 0.2 mM serum level. When this happens you are in a state of ketosis, but not a fat burning state which many companies and persons have claimed.


Ketogenesis is when glucose serum levels are lower than ketone levels so that ketones can be the primary energy substrate by burning fat. Ketone is produced by the conversion of fatty acids in the liver into ketones, all of this is happening inside your body.

Now you have a basic understanding of ketones and the process in which they are formed in the body or supplemented to the body.

Now, let’s discuss why ketones are such a hot topic. Well, ketones are known to help you burn fat, reduce ketosis symptoms, enhance physical performance and mental performance.

Sounds pretty cool right?! Well, they are!

Fat Burning copy.jpg

Let’s talk about the first benefit of ketones: Fat burning. 

Ketones are a byproduct of ketogenesis, as a result of fat turning into fuel. This process takes place in your liver. But, it will only take place if you have a carbohydrate restrictive diet. Which is why people resort to supplementation of ketones exogenously.

When your body is on a carb restricted state a few things happen.

1. Your body is altering its primary source of energy from glucose to ketones.

2. You will most likely develop what is known as the “keto flu”


Let’s pause for a moment.

The keto flu is a change reaction from glucose as the main source of energy to a more sustainable and reliable energy: ketones. Because your body has been so dependent on carbs it’s going through a withdrawal phase. So your head will hurt, you may have body aches. You literally feel like you have the flu.

Fear not my friends! May people can tame the beast they call the keto flu by increasing your water intake and your sodium intake. But, still, that is not guaranteed to “rid you of the paws of said beast.”

Because of keto flu symptoms, many people give up and decided that a keto diet plan is not for them and they go back to their old ways of sugars and carbs.

Why do I tell you this? Because you need to understand the benefits and the temporary road blocks of ketones.

But I am not done. There is another way to bypass the keto flu symptoms. That is by supplementation of an exogenous ketone product.

There are 3 types of exogenous ketones:


1. Ketone Esters

These are the raw ketones, like beta-hydroxybutyrate that are not bound to any other compound. These exogenous ketones can be utilized a little quicker and potentially have a better effect at raising blood ketone levels.

Most users of ketone esters claim that the taste is nearly unbearable. Gastric distress is a very common side effect.

Note: Ketone serum levels are not a clear indicator for ketosis or that a ketone supplement functioning as many people makes them out to be. Rather you should monitor the dosage in which the exogenous ketone supplement is consumed.

Read our blog: Is Raising Ketone Serum Levels Good or Bad?

Excerpt from T-Nation on Ketones:

t-nation on ketones inhibiting fat burning.png

Here is a link to the full article by T-Nation if you decided to read it.

I don’t 100% agree with this which is why I am going to link to a blog by Hyten Global again.  We are however agreeing that it is possible to inhibit lyposis or the ability to burn fat. But it’s not because of ketones themselves. It’s the high dosage. The high dosage of an exogenous ketone source adds calories, and those calories needs to be burned before fat can be touched.

2. Ketone Salts

This is where a ketone body, typically beta-hydroxybutyrate, is bound to a salt – sodium calcium, magnesium or potassium.

Ketone salts may not raise the ketone levels, but the taste is more manageable and the potential side effects are lessened.

3. MCT Oil

MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride. This is probably the most talked about supplement in the industry. But it comes with a substantial amount of side effects. First, the dosage is high which means that you will suffer from gastrointestinal distress. Second, you will be carrying a high caloric load. Which means that you are actually adding calories that need to be burned before you can get to the fat, we so desire to burn!



A new innovative product that blends beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and butyric acid (BA) to form the most powerful ketosis inducing product without the side effects. Why? The dosage is minimal therefore reduced the side effects commonly found with any exogenous ketone formulas.

Buy KetoBoost Here

Watch this video explaining the difference of Raspberry Ketones, Ketone MCT and Ketoba found in Ketoboost.


How does the formula work?

Ketoboost’s beta-hydroxybutyrate and butyric acid complex allow the body to suppress the glucose serum levels. This is something that has never been seen before in a ketone supplement! And largely the benefit and expertise of Franco Cavaleri and the balance butyric acid.

Meanwhile, the beta-hydroxybutyrate is raising the ketone serum levels. Because of the drop in glucose serum levels, the beta-hydroxybutyrate doesn’t need to raise the ketone serum levels as high or requires a high dosage, unlike other exogenous ketone supplements. So, while other products are raising both glucose and ketone levels, KetoBoost is raising ketone levels and lowering glucose levels. Hello, ketogenesis and goodbye fat!


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