Beginners Essentials to the Ketogenic Diet, Personalized Meal Plan, Keto diet book and Keto supplement

1. Start with the Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Book

Looking to start of the new year with a new diet? Then why are we writing this at the end of January?

Well, it turns out that then end of January is the best way to kick your butt into gear and past the honeymoon stage of that New Year’s resolution that everyone talks about.

I have a few fun resources for you! First, is a book that I follow religiously for ketosis. It’s called “The Complete Ketogenic Diet For Beginners.”

Since we pride ourselves on providing basic and introductory knowledge there is no better book to start with than this! Not only will you get a basic understanding of how a keto diet works, caloric intake percentages, managing micro, and macronutrients, you are also supplemented with keto meal recipes.

Ketosis is hard to get into. This book with help you get through the tough times by providing you the understanding first and then the things to do.

At the beginning of the book, it will talk about salts and lots of water to get over the dreadful keto flu. I have found a keto hack, that helps curb that flu, so you never have to feel sick.

2. Keto Supplement for the win!

This is the absolute hardest part of the Keto diet. Once someone feels crappy, do they really want to keep doing it? NO!

I started this diet to feel better, not worse.

The truth is your body has an adaptation period with the ketogenic diet and really any other diet, paleo, vegan etc.

It’s called Ketoboost. Now, things that taste good aren’t necessarily the best for us… I.E sugar, sugar,  sugar!

Ketoboost Exogenous Ketones Supplement with Ketoba (BHB Salts + BA) – Achieve Ketosis & Ketogenesis for Fat Burn, Energy, Focus, Stamina – 30 Count On-The-Go Stick Packets

This is the best tasting keto supplement I have tried. Mind you some literally taste like throw up. Because BHB (keto salts) themselves taste horrible.

So this product does a good job of masking the horrible keto flavor.

TIP: Add cream and ice to Ketoboost drink mixture and it tastes just like a creamsicle and you get the added fats from the Cream! WIN WIN!

3. I Want A Meal Plan To Help Me. No Problem!

We partnered with Platejoy to give you a free 10-day trial to the keto diet meal planning system.

They provide everything you need to follow a keto diet to the T!

We love them and you will love them too. Because they take all the guesswork around creating a personalized ketogenic meal plan for you.

4. Ketosis test Strip

What’s the best way to test if you are in ketosis? Use ketone test strips!

The best strips that we have found are on Amazon.

Individual Urine Ketosis Test strips:

If you want to get a more accurate reading on your levels, you can try this blood ketone test. It’s much more accurate but not everyone wants to draw blood to test.

Blood Ketone Analysis

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